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Why choose Accessible Dental?
What is the Life Enrichment Trust?

Life Enrichment Trust, Inc., as a court approved corporate fiduciary, allows people to safeguard assets and plan for the financial future of their loved ones with disabilities, without the risk of endangering funding for the needs of the individual.

The little luxuries of life come with a price tag. The financial ability to take a vacation, fly to visit a relative, or purchase a computer, stereo or television is often taken for granted. Relatives want to include their loved ones with disabilities in their estate planning, but in doing so, can unknowingly disqualify them from funding, causing more harm than help.

Life Enrichment Trust provides a secure means to provide financially and does exactly what the name implies---enriches the lives of individuals with disabilities!

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Whom do we serve?

Life Enrichment Trust, Inc. offers caregivers and family members a secure means to financially provide for individuals with disabilities receiving Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Medical Assistance (MA) without endangering their source of monthly income, medical insurance or other government benefits.

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